Ridey makes it easy for friends to organize rides



Easily create rides

Set a time and the location where everyone should meet. Inviting your friends makes it easy to see who is going.


keep in touch

Group texts are fun, but they're a terrible way to organize an event. Each ride has a chat so everyone can stay in up to date.


Real ETAs

Check the map when you're at the start location to see when everyone else will be getting there.

Discover Rides Near You


Filter by date and Sport

Want to know what public rides or events created by your friends are happening this weekend? Just use the filter to see only events on the day you want to ride.

Explore events in map view

Easily find public rides and rides created by the people you follow in the map view. Visiting somewhere new this weekend? Find out what's happening in Discover.


Ridey is your social network for the ride-sport community. Ridey makes it easy to organize rides with your friends and keep everyone updated. Browse the map of rides in your area to Discover new places to ride, join public rides, and meet new people who are into the same sports you are.